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The Yeti Net now lets its users use 2 Factor Authentication

What is 2FA aka 2 Factor Authentication?
Basically it's a 2nd layer of security which allows you as a user to have an extra layer to be able to secure your account with a verification code which only you can generate if you are possession of the verification token.

How do I get started?
If you are wanting to have this code generated on your Browser then download a Extension/Addon on either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox called GAuth
Click here for Mozilla Firefox GAuth
Click here for Google Chrome GAuth

To access the Chrome Version type in your Browser chrome://apps/
You will see GAuth Authenticator

Open it up and you will now be adding in your verification code that you get from the 2FA Page on your account
To add it you will hit this button after opening the GAuth Application

Now you will add your account name and verification token

Now hit Add and you will now have a code for your account which will generate every 30 seconds.
This is the same setup for Mozilla Firefox.

Android and iOS Setup
For Android go to Play Store
For Apple go to App Store
Search for an Application called Authy

If you are on your phone and want a direct link to the App here you go:
Click here if you are a Andorid user
Click here if you are a iOS user

By enabled this it will help ensured your account security is now secure.

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